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Accessories for electronic equipment and light. Councils for the selection and application of lighting equipment, accessories and electronic equipment.
Clips, arrangements, compositions and ideas for them. Various formats of clip compositions.
Programs and utilities for working with photos.
Utilities for image processing.
Systematic reviews and comments on various issues of photographic technology.
Articles about the creation and the advance of photoblogs. Tips for amateur photographers on how to build and develop your photoblog.
Fundamentals of composition in photography.
Tips for using light in photography, analysis of light sources.
Reviews on compact cameras and cameras.
Creating compositions in photography using graphics programs.
Technique and methods of shooting, processing and retouching of photographs.
Multifunctional digital cameras, cameras with interchangeable lenses, accessories and components for them.
About everything that is not included in other sections of the forum.
Computer hardware and software.
Distance learning for beginners and pros.
Talk about this and not only on any topic.
The emergence, development and application of external lenses.
About what you should always carry with you in a public place and in nature.
Useful and interesting links on the topic.
Miscellaneous, not included in other headings of the forum. Section for owners of cameras, smartphones, communicators, cameras with a GPS sensor, etc.
Section for photographers and photographers involved in the history of photography. Links on the history of photography. Articles on photographs. Questions about photography. Photographic project reports.
Promotion and storage of materials. Catalog of sites, articles, books and links. Assistance in purchasing rights to use materials.
Forum for those who like to play cards and backgammon.
Information about shooting weddings, anniversaries, graduation parties, children's parties, other events and activities.
A site in support of video lovers and movie lovers.
Discussion of any issues that are related to video and photography.
Where and how to download movies and music.
Free translation of foreign films and music.
Television and audio-video equipment
Programs, movies, music, games, software and much more.
Medicines, health, beauty and everything that can be useful.
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